1-2 номер журнала "Иммунология гемопоэза" за 2022 год


    Distinguished authors and readers of our medical journal! I am proud to say that over the course of 18 years of our presence we have managed to form our own audience — scientists, doctors and researchers. These people are truly passionate about tacking the cancer problems in the area of immunodiagnostics, immunotherapy with a focus on bone marrow, as well as its role in the emergence and progression of cancer.
    As usual, we commemorate publication of our journal to the next conference to be held in Istanbul, October 5, 2022. The main topic is minimal residual disease in hematopoietic and lymphoid tumors, but surely not limited to it. This issue of our journal was contributed by a substantial number of luminaries in oncology and oncohematology: such as Robert Gale, Dieter Hölzer, Vera Donnenberg, Jean-François Rossi, Vladimir Jurisic, the leading Russian oncologists, haematologists, transplantologists such as Kapitolina Melkova and Zhanna Sharoyan, Alexandra Palladina, Mary Shervashidze and Timur Valiyev. A reader will find a fascinating wave of opinions and insights into the possibilities to eradicate cancer. In this particular issue, Mikhail Davydov takes a critical look at different approaches (including cancer surgery, to which he has devoted more than 50 years) considering it from the perspective of cancer eradication.
    Dear friends! We are looking forward to meet you at the conference and do hope that materials published in this journal will be beneficial in practical sense, as well as in terms of igniting the fruitful discussions targeted to defeat cancer. Editor-in-chief,

Head of the Hematopoiesis Immunology Lab
Federal State Budgetary Institute “N.N. Blokhin National Medical Research
Centre for Oncology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia
Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation
Professor N. Tupitsyn, Doctor of Medicine

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