First issue of the journal "Haematopoiesis Immunology" for 2018

How quick time passes! Our Hemopoiesis Immunology conference and journalcelebrate their 15th jubilee. We have passed gradually from a local Russian conference to one the best international conferences on cancer immunology. The Hemopoiesis Immunology has three main features:
1. Bone marrow as a site involved in cancer. The problem of quantificationof minimal disease therefore arises as well as problems of tumor staging basing on this assessment, evaluation of response to therapy (minimal residual disease, minimal cancer) and, which is of the most importance, search for ways for selective treatment of tumor cells disseminated in bone marrow.
2. Bone marrow immune system. It differs from blood immune system, which is of much importance for finding immunological ways to affect disseminated tumor cells, to be used in bone marrow transplantation and to study innate and acquired immunity in bone marrow.
3. Hemopoiesis. Bone marrow hemopoietic tissue was not in the focus of attention for a long time. The concept was generally accepted that hemopoietic tissue was displaced due to growth of metastatic or leukemic cells.
We recently discovered that even if there is no bone marrow involvement (as, for instance, in diffuse B-cell large cell lymphoma or follicular lymphoma), erythroblastogram demonstrates rather logical changes. Moreover, hemopoietic cell elements are of much interest as components of innate antitumor immunity.
This issue traditionally contains accomplished works (basing on synopses of theses for doctor’s degree), reviews and original presentations. Of special interest are findings on clinical significance of minor tumor cell amounts in bone marrow from patients with advanced gastric cancer.
The journal publishes abstracts from the 15th Hemopoiesis Immunology International Conference, June 5–7, 2018, in Budapest.
N.N. Tupitsyn