Первый номер журнала "Иммунология гемопоэза" за 2016 год

Dear colleagues - readers of the Haematopoiesis Immunology and participants of the conference of the same name!

This year we return to the main idea of our journal, i.e. to publish abstracts of large completed works such as PhD, MD or DSc theses, processed into journal articles. This journal issue contains materials from Ludmila Grivtsova’s doctoral thesis on subpopulations of mobilized hemopoietic stem cells in oncology. The main conclusion of this work is establishment of the important role of immature stem cell compartments in hemopoiesis recovery. This is a major step towards understanding of the need in transplantation of stem cell subsets.

The journal also contains abstracts of the 13th Haematopoiesis Immunology International Conference, Budapest, June 3 4, 2016. The conference is named Bone marrow immunology in minimal residual cancer . Three main aspects of the problem were presented, i.e. minimal residual disease in oncohematology, minimal cancer and immunotherapy of MRD. Bone marrow immune system in cancer patients is a new, yet poorly studied problem, and few scientists make research in this field. This may be explained by difficulty of bone marrow study, lack in appropriately trained immunologists and insufficient understanding of this problem among oncologists. However, it is bone marrow where tumor cells persist for many years or even decades and local immunity plays an important role in maintenance of their latency. Since subsets of disseminating and circulating tumor cells have features of tumor stem cells and are characterized by chemoradioresistance, it is of primary importance to make all effort to eradicate them. The conference participants including leading scientists will discuss whether Her2/neu receptor and molecule CD20 may be used as targets for this purpose.

N.N. Tupitsyn

Editor in Chief

Honored Scientist of Russian Federation