First issue of the journal "Haematopoiesis Immunology" for 2017

Dear colleagues, there is little to add to Acadamician M.I. Davydov’s program article and address to participants of the 14th Hemopoiesis Immunology International Conference. Everything said there coincides in full with our hopes in the field of cancer immunology. I should only like to say that this issue of our journal will be very useful to all those engaged in cancer immunology as it contains Professor Jean-Francois Rossi’s (France) review with a very promising title «From allogenic transplantation to precision immunotherapy in oncology» and Professor Z.G Kadagidze’s «Cell mechanisms of tumor escape from immune response». We are adhere to our intention to publish completed works, and in this issue it is N.A. Falaleeva’s presentation.

I.G. Markina’s review opens a new fi led, that is bone marrow involvement in melanoma. This tumor is characterized by marked hematogenic metastasis with mechanisms studied yet poorly, and bone marrow study may help to understand pathogenesis of tumor cell dissemination in melanoma. Theoretical aspects of hematogenic metastasis will be discussed in detail in Professor Yu. Kang’s (USA) presentation.
The journal also contains abstracts and the program of the 14th Hemopoiesis Immunology International Conference, Suzdal, June 46, 2017.

N.N. Tupitsyn
Honored Scientists of Russia

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