Haematopoiesis immunology

Haematopoiesis immunology – a new, rapidly developing field of research in oncology.

Haematopoiesis (blood) in humans after birth is concentrated in the bone marrow and hematopoietic tissue in the broadest sense includes all blood cells and peripheral lymphoid organs.

In the area of interest is a tumor immunology haematopoiesis haematopoiesis (hematological malignancies), immunological detection of metastases in hematopoietic tissue (micrometastases) and the immune response to them.

Of course, do not think without haematopoiesis stem cells, the regulation of proliferation and differentiation. This is a very broad layers of research, and we give priority to the study of subpopulations of mobilized stem cells, as well as the regulation of haematopoiesis through bestsitokinovoy transdutsernuyu molecule gp130.

Иммунологические исследования гемопоэза требуют самых современных высокоточных методов, таких как многоцветная проточная цитометрия, иммуногистохимия, полимеразная цепная реакция, иммунолюминисцентная микроскопия, клеточные культуры.